We Retouch + Enhance Your Wedding Photos

Are you looking for an experienced photo retoucher to enhance your wedding photos.  Perhaps your photos don’t have enough Pop or perhaps you were caught at an unusual angle and your just not happy with your wedding photos.  Perhaps you would like someone or something in your image removed.

On the glamour side of things you might like to look a couple of kilos lighter, a few years younger, have your skin enhanced or hair perfected. Professional wedding photo retouching does not have be expensive. Just upload your photo or photos and let us know what you would like to have us do for you.  You can use our uploader or send your images as an attachment to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

We can retouch your images and print them on an quality Kodak Photographic Lustre Paper , on canvas or send you back the image files.  It’s all up to you.  If you have any questions about having us professionally retouch your images - just call.  You can discuss your requirements with Vernon, our head retoucher who can answer any questions you may have.





Feature Enhancement + Quality Retouching of Your Wedding Photos

We can make global changes to the colour, hues, saturation and exposure of your images.  We can also zero in an enhance your features in a subtle way that will just make you look like you but on a really good day.

Just let us know if you would like subtle wrinkle reduction, teeth whitening, figure slimming, blemish removal or any other enhancement.  Its all about you looking exactly the way you want.  After all - it’s the biggest day of your life!  You can upload your photo by clicking on the link below.


Example Landscape / Real Estate Retouching

We have 10 years of experience in photo restoration and photo retouching.  Whereas  the goal of Restoration is to bring old distressed images back to the way they looked when they were taken: Photo retouching is the Art of making photos better than they were when they were taken.  Retouching is usually a more specialised skill than photo restoration but requires a wider range of skills.  

We receive requests for retouching that span a wide range of  requests.  You may have taken a recent wedding photo but would like someone or something removed from the image.  We received an image just last week where someone had taken a picture of a beautiful car but there was so much reflection in the pain that it detracted from the image.  We were asked to reduce the reflection and make the image pop.  

We have been contacted by companies that have taken their own images for their website and wanted the images to look bolder and more professional looking.  We get a lot of requests from different clients and many are photographers looking to their photos retouched before they are sent on to the client.

Once your images are retouched they will be printed on professional print media so that they look even better in hand than they do on the screen.


3 Good Reasons To Use Us

Don’t wait the standard 2 weeks for your photo restoration.  Upload or post your images with us and receive the finished canvas or photo in as little as 48 hours.

Why spend hours driving around trying to find a good photo restorer when you can get an instant online estimate right here. Then just upload or post your photo and have it delivered as a restored photo or on Canvas.

Everyone tells us that we cost less than our competitors and this is no coincidence.  With our low overheads we can beat any other written photo restoration and print quotation in Australia. Phone us for Details.