Send Your Photos Directly To Us Using Australia Post

No Computer
Skills Required

post your photos for photo retouching and restoation

Available At Australia Post

Just place the photos you want restored in an Aussie Post mailer.

They cost about $1.00 and  are available  at your local post office.

They are made of stiff cardboard & designed specifically  for your photos. 

Mail Your Photos To:

We will contact you when we receive the photos and we will return your

photos  with all restored canvas prints and photographs.

We will provide you with a firm quotation for the work before we restore.

Scan & Upload Images Through Our Uploader

Quick Response Time
No Need To Post Photos
upload images to for retouching

What You Need To Doscanning your images for photorestoration photo restoration

Place the photo on the scanner glass.

Scan the image at 300 dpi (dots per inch) for same sized photos.

Scan the image at about 800 dpi for enlargements and canvas prints.

Save the photo on your computer desktop so you can find it to upload (make sure
you know where the scanner saves your photo on your computer).

Once your image is saved on your computer  Click Here to go to the UPLOADER

What We Will Do

We will contact you when we receive the images to discuss the work.

We will examine your photos for free and let you know if there are any problems with the scan.

We will provide you with an exact quotation for the work before we restore.


No Computer
Skills Required

3 Good Reasons To Use Us

Don’t wait the standard 2 weeks for your photo restoration.  Upload or post your images with us and receive the finished canvas or photo in as little as 48 hours.

Why spend hours driving around trying to find a good photo restorer when you can get an instant online estimate right here. Then just upload or post your photo and have it delivered as a restored photo or on Canvas.

Everyone tells us that we cost less than our competitors and this is no coincidence.  With our low overheads we can beat any other written photo restoration and print quotation in Australia. Phone us for Details.

Your Comments About Us

Thanks - We just recieved the  canvas prints today and they are absolutely beautiful.  We are looking in our albumn for more pictures.
Glenys Roberts - Balmain, NSW

We are so glad we found you.  We have been looking to do this for years but everywhere we went was so expensive.  The Canvases are up on our wall now & they look great . Thanks Again.
Robert Mackey - Balina, QLD

Thank you for your wonderful service and restoration of our photographs.  The canvas was for my mum's 70th and she absolutlely loved it.
Rachel Wensley - Mt Martha, VIC